Broken package and dependency errors on Ubuntu solved

This article will guide you to solve following kind of errors that occurs after unsuccessful installation of packages, Broken package after update: linux-headers, error brokencount >0 Getting the error Error:BrokenCount>0 after installing the packages How do I resolve unmet dependencies? Remove Unmet Dependencies error etc...
To solve this error I wen to too many articles from number of websites but none solved my problem. 
Then I figured this out by my own, 
To solve this error you have to restart your machine first,
then after restart you will get bios menu list where you select your operating system.
In this list Select ubuntu with recovery mode,
Recovery menu will appear, from that menu select 
dpkg Repair broken packages and hit enter.
It will then detect broken packages and dependencies and remove them.
After this restart your machine and your error will be gone.

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