Bose SoundTrue in Ear Headphones Review

Its been more than a month now, since I’d started using these headphones. And I have so much to share about these, that will give you idea whether to go with these or not. First let’s  talk about its price because this is where we all think twice or thrice before buying. Well it comes at around $100(Rs. 6135) with no mic and controls and at $129(Rs. 10000) with mic and controls and that is heck of a difference for just some buttons and mic. So I went with just headphones without mic and controls. But before we talk about it, why don't we take a look at all the accessories that we’d got with these.

 The Pouch : This is really important accessory with any headphones, which keeps your headphones well and untangled. So if you want to use your headphones longer then you must put them in the pouch. The pouch that I’ve got with these is built with very good materials. It has a leather strap at its end which feels very soft.



The zipper, the inside material everything’s built with a very good material. But there is one thing though I would love to have, which is a small compartment to hold all my ear tips. That is the only thing which would have made it the perfect pouch and of course the size. Yeah its very big and bulky but it stores the headphones comfortably. 

 The Stayhear Ear Tips:  These are proprietary ear tips from Bose and are called StayHear tips. As the name suggest they do sit in you ears as they are not there.  These are made up of silicon and are really very soft. You can listen to long hours because of this and they don't hurt your ears. 


I had a very bad problem with these when I started using these as I had got used to, in ear tips that literally goes into your ears but these doesn't, they just stays out of your ears. It definitely took some time for me to adapt these but now I feel very comfortable with these StayHear tips. these also have one problem though that they don't block external noise and that is what a major drawback of these tips. But I believe upgrading to StayHear + tips will solve this problem. They comes in three different sizes Small, Medium and Large for all ear types and you could distinguish them based on the colour of these, like more the darker its colour larger the size of it. 

 Headphones: Now lets talk about the main product the headphones itself. I have only one word for these “Outstanding”. Yeah these are really good pair of headphones and I really feel it worth every penny I have spent to buy these.

The built quality is awesome, even though they are mad by plastic but they doesn't feels cheap. The Bose logo stands out on these and is visible to people easily. The cable is dual tone coloured and made using good materials and its going to hold all the stretches. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack which is straight not L-Shaped



and went through so much of testing to last for a really good amount of time, but only time will tell how much time it will keep working.  Now lets talk about the very important aspect of any headphones for which we actually buy it, the sound quality.

The sound quality is really awesome, I get to listen to every bit and every instrument being played in the background. And if you are listening a 320Kbps song then it just reproduce the audio very superbly. Its crystal clear and the sound is very well balanced. The bass is not that strong but it is what required and its very punchy. Mids and lows are also very clear. I havent have any problem with this regarding the audio quality. 

But there is a major drawback of these which I feel will stop customers buying these headphones which is noise isolation. It does not have any noise isolation so when you are using these on a noise environment then you tend to increase your music volume, in this situation the treble takes over bass and it kind of feels annoying to me. But if you can live with this then you can buy these. 

And there is this audio leakage, which tells people what you are listening.  

So the final verdict is if you listen to your music in a quiet place then you can definitely buy these but you happen to live in a noisy environment then you have to think of something else. Still I will try these with StayHear Plus tips to see how much noise isolation it offers. Till then happy listening. Hope you have found it informative please write to me in comment sections below if you have any questions or tips.

UPDATE: If you are planning to buy SoundTrue with inline mic and remote then instead buy SoundSport which is waterproof and dustproof and looks pretty too.

UPDATE 2: I jave seen there is new pair of headphones are available from Bose which named as SoundTrue Ultra in-ear headphones which comes with StayHear Ultra tips and which goes inside ear canal which actually sounds good on paper but costs more than SoundSport. But when I compared its sound quality with SoundTrue I found out SoundTrue sounds way better that SounTrue Ultra if SoundTrue used with StayHear Plus tips.