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Back in 2014, OnePlus had launched a flagship killer phone OnePlus One which could be bought only by invites. Which actually played the trick and it had got a lot of customer's attraction because of its high end hardware and low price and that invite only trick.

Now in the year 2015 OnePlus has launched its second variant of OnePlus One and it's now called OnePlus Two(Pretty Obvious). Last year it may have killed some flagship phones but this year it's not the only phone to kill flagship phones, the competition is pretty hefty this year and OnePlus Two has to offer more to compete against others. So, the question is, can it really kill those flagship phones out in market? or is it even work buying?  Let's find it out in this .

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The Display :

Well this is the most important thing on any smartphone and today’s world customer do makes choice based on the display. What OnePlus Two has is a 5.5” 1080p IPS LCD screen with 401 pf PPI of pixel density. What it means that, it still running the last year’s display, I believe same found in OnePlus One but may be with some upgrades inOnePlus Two. But at the end the display is the same as it was in OnePlus One. All the other phones nowadays at least has a qHD display and on top of that Sony launched a phone with 4K display. That being said, even though it has a 1080p display it really is good and bright, you won't find any difference unless you will put another phone side by side. Well if you are comparing it with high end phones then you must also compare its price and I must say at this price point OP2 offers best display it can.



Whenever we decide to buy an Android phone or want to upgrade from one Android to another, the first thing comes to our mind is the hardware. As we face a lot of issues in Android due to the lower hardware. There is so much lag, crash and hangs. But, if we will look at OP2’s hardware we will see it has got the beasty hardware configuration. Starting with its processor, it has got aQualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 which has 8 cores and clock speed is upto 2GHz, that means you are gonna get some serious speed.

Unfortunately the new quick charge feature introduced in this processor does not exist in OP2 so you have to stick with slow charging. It also has Adreno  430 GPU to handle your gaming needs. One thing is very common in any android device is low free memory, well in OP2 you don’t have to worry about this anymore as it has a 4GB of RAM(for 64 Gb variant) so don’t bother installing those memory cleaning applications and it really works far better with this 4GB memory. To be precise we get around 1.7 to 2.1 GB of free memory and by the numbers you will get the idea on how fast and smooth it will handle your daily activities. Though it does not have a memory card slot so you are restricted with on board memory. Amongst 64 gb we get around 52 gb of memory. So when you are running out of storage on this one, you have to clean up some space deleting some stuff or putting it on cloud. The bummer is OnePlus does not provide any cloud storage but there are plenty of apps which does. On top of that you can always use OTG. But the thing is if you want to connect you must use their proprietary USB type C to micro USB adapter. If you are cleaver and might directly use USB Type C to USB adapter, well, you are not allowed to do that. You must buy their flawed adapter which works well with OP 2 and then some OTG cable and you are good to go.



It has got a 13 megapixel primary camera which captures decent photos and very good videos. The camera application does not have more options but it does the job pretty well. You can also launch the camera by double tapping on main button, but sometimes it takes too long to start the application and you have already lost the subject.


Battery: When we buy any phone the very important thing that anyone want is to last his phone long on a single charge. Using with single sim OP2 gives good battery but with 2 sim cards the battery performance degrades drastically. They may resolve this issue in upcoming updates but till then you have to live with single sim. Charging battery is pain in the ass. It takes around 2 to 2:30 hours to fully charge the battery that too switching off the data. And OnePlus could not do anything about it as OnePlus 2 does not come with QuickCharge feature. 
I hope you like this review. Please write me in the below comment section if you need more information.


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