AC3 audio format is not supported mx player

So many times I have had encountered an error message while playing .MKV file in MX Player. The error message says "AC3 audio format is not supported mx player". It becomes so frustrating when I get this and the Player is very good so I dont want to switch to another player. So below are the steps to solve the issue if you are facing the same.
So to solve this you may need to download these files first, by hitting this URL AIO Package. Refer below image so you wont get lost finding it as I did.
Download the one you would think appropriate as per your phone. I have downloaded the AIO pack. 
Note: You must download codec based on your MX Player so for version 1.8.0 you have to download the v1.8.0 codec.
Then open MAX player in you phone and go to settings and then decoder settings and at the very bottom of the page you
will find the code option as shown below,
Click on this "Custom Codec" option and you will be prompted to select the downloaded folder.
You have to find the right folder and select the downloaded folder and you are good to go. 
The MX Player will now restart for the new codec to take effect and once it does you are good to go and watch your videos.
Hope you found it usefull, please write to me in comment section if you have any questions or doubts.
Also, I am very thnankful to this (ktsamy) developer who made this possible for us to watch our favoriate videos on phone. 

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