This will show, how you can display a block in any template or node using PHP code.

This will help you to use phpmyadmin application on your Windows 8 PC with WAMP. phpmyadmin helps you manage your MySQL database system via a easy to use GUI. It makes easy to do certain operations on database in few clicks. But when you install WAMP it gives you above error, so to solve that error follow below procedure.

This article will guide you to solve following kind of errors that occurs after unsuccessful installation of packages, Broken package after update: linux-headers, error brokencount >0 Getting the error Error:BrokenCount>0 after installing the packages How do I resolve unmet dependencies? Remove Unmet Dependencies error etc...

This article will guide you to create a simple dialog / popup box which will have a webform in it. To use this you need two modules one is Webform and other is Simple Dialog. Download and install these modules before deploying this article.

This document will show you "How to install phpmyadmin" on your Ubuntu machine. phpmyadmin is just a graphical user interface of your MySql database management system. With the help of phpmyadmin you can manage your databases easily and you could save a lot of time. Though it is a great tool to use, you must practice more on command line interface. Command line interface is much more faster and awesome way to work with MySql.

Here we will see how to install LAMP(Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) in Ubuntu 12 using commands. LAMP is used to run PHP scripts and use data which is stored in database(MySql) with those scripts. To do this you will need command prompt that is your terminal and root access to your system. To open terminal in Ubuntu 12 open Unity sidebar and click on first icon on it or click windows key, and search for terminal. Type "su" and then enter your password. Then follow these commands.

This article will show you 'how to find which version of your linux system is and the name of the system'.

This article will show you 'how to create a root user in Ubuntu for first time'. A root user is a power user who will have app the permissions on the system to do any changes he/she wants to make.

This article will guide you to create an HTML form and validate it using jQuery. This is simple illustration of how we can use jQuery to validate an HTML form.