If you are living in India and using Vodafone operator or just switched to it then you might have noticed it gives you pop ups for their promotions and if you accidently click on it, well you get charged for the service. In this article we will see how we can disable it. You are also got tired of all the unwanted calls we will also talk about it in this article.

As a web developer, we lot of time need to check email functionality of our code. And it really makes sense to do it on local rather than on live server. In this article we are going to see how we can set up the email testing tool on our local host on Windows. With this you will be able to test the email content and the receivers’ email addresses without sending them actual email.

In this tutorial we are gonna see how webform submissions could be displayed or fetched in views on Drupal 7

This will guide you to convert text from upper case to lower case in Eclipse.

In this we will see how a custome menu can be called and print in a tpl file.

This article will guide you on exporting and importing of MySQL database using command line interface (CLI).

This will guide you to enable mod_rewrite module on Ubuntu. With this you will be able to solve clean URLs problem of Drupal.

This article will help you to install and setup Git on Ubuntu for the first time. The same process can also be used to setup git on Windows and on Macintosh. On Windows you may need to install Git Bash to use Git and follow below process. This will also solve the problem of "permission denied (publickey) git clone" error message.

This guide will help you install memcached onyour Ubuntu system. Memcache is a PECL Extension which works with your PHP and improves caching so that your web page loads faster.