Can't start Eclipse - Java was started but returned exit code=13

So I have downloaded the new the version of Eclipse Luna and Eclipse Mars. But whenever I run the exe it gives me the above error. If you are also getting same and banging your head to solve it, well wait no more and follow below article to solve it.

First of all see if you have installed Java JDK on your system, if not then head to the below link and get it installed, if yes get it reinstalled.

JDK Download

After this try tiy to open Eclspse, it should open by now.

If you still get the same error message, go and change the path variables.

To do so go to the MyComputer->Properties-> And click on Advanced System Settings

It will open "System Properties" window.

Click "Environment Variables" button on the same window and if the path already exists for java then edit and point it to the folder where java had been installed if not the create a new one.

This will solve your problem and Eclipse will run like a charm.

Hope this helped you, please write me in comment section below about your views, comments and questions on this.




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