Send an email on user registration in Drupal 7

In this we will learn how we can send an email when user registers on our website. In this we are also going to see how an action can be created and triggered using Trigger module.

Before starting with this please check if you core Trigger module is enebaled in "admin/modules".
Now go to the Configuration -> System -> Actions (admin/config/system/actions)
At the bottom of the page you will find Create an Advanced action dropdown as shown below,
Then select "Send Email" from the dropdown,
and then fill appropriate data, you can select tokens from available tokens also,
Now go to Structure -> Triggers -> User (admin/structure/trigger/user)
And select the action you had created on "TRIGGER: AFTER CREATING A NEW USER ACCOUNT"
Now you will be able to recieve emails, well of course if you have done with e-mail setup on your server.
Or if you are on your local machine and want to test outgoing emails then you might want to take a look at this - > Setting up email testing tool on localhost for PHP
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