How to make HTML content translatable in Drupal 7

Here we will see how we can make HTML text from blocks or content types to be translatable in Drupal 7. Also we will see how we can translate views content as well.

To achieve this you must have internilazation modules installed on your Drupal 7 instance.
  1. Internationalization module
  2. Views Internationalization module
To enable HTML translatable go to configuration -> Regional and language -> Multilingual settings (admin/config/regional/i18n/strings) 
Find below screen for reference,
drupal string translation
Now to translate block's content, go to Structure -> Blocks and "Configure" the block you wish to translate.
At the end of the page you will find "Save and Translate"  click on it and you will be able to translate it.
For the views, go into the Views listing page. 
In the views option you will find the Translate option for that perticular view as shown below,
Hope you have found it useful. Please write me in comment section if you face any issues.
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