How to display webform submissions in views - Drupal 7

In this tutorial we are gonna see how webform submissions could be displayed or fetched in views on Drupal 7

Whilst writing this solutions I am having Views 7.x-3.11 and Webform 7.x-4.11 installed in my Drupal instance. And I belive you have came to this page that means you have installed views and webforms already.

So lets start with the process,

  1. Go to the Structure -> Views and click on 
  2. Select Options as displayed in below screenshot:
  3. Click on Continue and Edit and you will see a view with all your webform submissions for all webforms you have in your site
  4. Now if you want to filter out for only specific webform then you might want to consider either adding a contextual filter then you will find it under Advanced settings - > CONTEXTUAL FILTERS and you can add one provide a default value and you can see submissions for only that specific form. Make sure you pass nid as a argument.
  5. Or if you want to provide filter on th go then add a normal filter, then add a filter under FILTER CRITERIA and select nid and equal to and then pass your webform id into it.
  6. Now you will be able to see only specific form submissions.

Hope this helped you out. If you have any questions please write me in below comment section.


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