In this article we will see how we could change the destination email address programmatically based on user input.

If you are installing the Drupal 8, you must have came across OPcode caching warning. Well to get rid of this warning follow below guide to install and enable OPcode caching on your local.

So many times I have had encountered an error message while playing .MKV file in MX Player. The error message says "AC3 audio format is not supported mx player". It becomes so frustrating when I get this and the Player is very good so I dont want to switch to another player. So below are the steps to solve the issue if you are facing the same.

In this we will learn how we can send an email when user registers on our website. In this we are also going to see how an action can be created and triggered using Trigger module.

Here we will see how we can make HTML text from blocks or content types to be translatable in Drupal 7. Also we will see how we can translate views content as well.

Wonder how you can create virtual hosts and access your sites in more fancy way or want to multidomain websites? Well,its pretty easy, follow below steps to achieve it.

In this we will see how we could search the required text in an HTML and only view what we have found. The idea is to search a pattern as user types it and then ignore its case sensitivity and search the text. Once found display those blocks of data accordingly.

Here we will see how can we find text in jquery using ":contains" selector.

In this trick we're gonna see how a webform could be added as the block.

So I have downloaded the new the version of Eclipse Luna and Eclipse Mars. But whenever I run the exe it gives me the above error. If you are also getting same and banging your head to solve it, well wait no more and follow below article to solve it.